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Add OAuth to a Sorcery Based Rails App

A blog post I wrote for Tealeaf Academy. This post will teach you how to implement OAuth in Sorcery, using Github as the OAuth provider. Using other providers should be very similar.

Using Ruby Curses


I am currently working on a project where I am rewriting an app I wrote five years ago. I originally write it in AutoIt. I have fallen hard for Ruby, and my application needed to be updated… So, I decided why not just give it the royal Ruby treatment?

Variable Scope in Ruby

Interesting? Confusing? What’s the word…

This week in my Intro to Ruby class, we learned about variable scope. I thought I had a fairly good grasp on the concept of “Pass-by-reference-of-the-value”, which is what I believe my teacher called Ruby’s implementation of variable passing. Was I wrong?

My First Impression of Heroku

A little background

I started playing with Ruby about a year ago. I quickly installed the Rails gem and created my first website with it. Ryan Bates over at RailsCasts deserves all of the praise for getting me to the point of deployment quickly, watching his informative videos.