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Learning Ruby on Rails the 'Right' Way

I am currently enrolled in Tealeaf Academy’s Rapid Prototyping with Ruby on Rails course. I have written a couple websites using Rails in the past, but I felt that I should take a course to learn the basics properly.

The websites that I wrote in the past using Rails were written using “copy-and-paste” programming. Everytime I came upon a problem, I would search Google, then paste the answer I found in my own code. Chris Lee, my teacher, has said many times that he wants us to type the code, even if we are copying it from the solutions or somewhere else. I can definitely say that his goal of having us learn muscle memory is working. In the past, everytime I can upon the same problem again, I would have to go find the answer again. When you actually understand and type out the code, in sinks in (or at least has a fighting chance) much better.

Besides not remembering the answers to questions that popup, copy-and-paste programming doesn’t actually teach you anything. The work for the course I am enrolled in includes assignments for us to read sections of the RoR guides, outlining how to use different features of the language.

The thing that I have found most useful so far was the assignment to read the Rails Routing from the Outside In guide. I have made many routes file changes in the past, but I was always scared to do anything more than a simple match route. I didn’t understand what “resources” did, which is create RESTful, resourceful routes automatically.

After reading the Routing guide, I now have a basic understanding of what capabilities I have, via configuration of the routes file. Even If I do not remember the exact syntax when it comes time to update a routes file, I know where to find that syntax.

Thank you Chris, for making us read the documentation and learn RoR the right way!